Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science 2022-01-24T12:44:06+00:00 Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science (ISSN:&nbsp;2456-9968) </strong>aims to publish original research articles, review articles and short communications, in all areas of mathematics and computer science. Subject matters cover pure and applied mathematics, mathematical foundations, statistics and game theory, use of mathematics in natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences, theoretical computer science, algorithms and data structures, computer elements and system architecture, programming languages and compilers, concurrent, parallel and distributed systems, telecommunication and networking, software engineering, computer graphics, scientific computing, database management, computational science, artificial Intelligence, human-computer interactions, etc. This is a quality controlled, OPEN peer reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal.</p> An Inventory Analysis for Deteriorating Items Incorporating the Effect of Preservation Technology Investment When Demand is Time Dependent 2022-01-24T04:50:20+00:00 M. A. Rahman M. H. Rashid <p>The goal of this work is to characterize preservation technique for deteriorating items in order to lessen the rate of deterioration. This study looks at a degrading inventory model with time-dependent demand that is a quadratic function of time. The rate of degradation in this model is determined by deterministic deterioration, which is a quadratic function of time. The main objective is to determine the effect of preservation technology for deteriorating items where the demand function is time variable and analyze the significance of preservation technology. The major goal of this article is to look at the inventory model's minimum cost per unit time. With the help of a numerical example, the results are validated. The ideal solution is subjected to a sensitivity analysis with regard to several parameters. Finally, a graph depicts the behavior of the relationship between parameters and total inventory cost.</p> 2021-12-22T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Dual Method of Carroll's Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis 2022-01-24T12:44:06+00:00 Rodnellin Onesime Malouata Gelin Chedly Louzayadio Michel Koukouatikissa Diafouka Leonard Niere <p><strong>Aims/Objectives:</strong> We propose a dual method of Carroll's generalized canonical correlation analysis and we prove by means of the proposed criterion that the duality is formulated by exchanging the operators. It is an extension of Carroll's generalized canonical correlation analysis. The approach of analysis is illustrated on the basis of case study.</p> 2021-12-23T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##