Dr. José González Enríquez

José González Enríquez is Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Seville since 2017. From 2013, he works as a researcher in the Web Engineering and Early Testing (IWT2) research group of the Department of Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Sevilla. As a researcher, he has made several national and international stays and he has participated in several both regional and national level projects. Among his most important research results, it includes various JCR journals and several high-impact contributions to international congresses listed in the Core ranking. It has also been part of the team organizing the ISD 2013 or PAAMS 2016 international conferences listed as Core A and C ranking. He has made research stays in several both national and international destinations such as Oviedo, Southampton, United Kingdom, Cuba or Berkeley among others. Finally, in 2015, he received an award from the company Fujitsu. This is the Innovation Award for its innovative activity in the field of research and development of the Platform for Dynamic Data Integration Andalusian Historical Heritage.