Dr. Octav Olteanu

Cristian Octav Olteanu, born on 30th of July, 1950, in Pitesti, Romania , University of Bucharest, Bucharest, 1982, Ph. D. in Mathematics, Dissertation: “Extending linear operators on ordered vector spaces” Professor Dr. Ion Colojoara, Advisor. University of Bucharest, 1974, Specialization in Mathematical Analysis, materialized in the work: “Linear positive functionals”, Professor Romulus Cristescu, member of the Romanian Academy, Adviser. University of Buchaerst, 1973, B. A. in Mathematics. Research Interests: extension of linear operators with two constraints, with applications to the Markov moment problem; polynomial approximation on unbounded subsets of R n ; the implicit function principle; geometric functional analysis; optimization; elements of convexity; elements of operator theory; inverse problems related to the moment problem. Newton’s method for convex operators.